About Us
Hot Pot has been around over 1,000 years and spread throughout China. Thus, different regions have used hot pot to fit their local tastes. Beijing Hot Pot has brought the Beijing style of hot pot to Portland. As we know, Beijing Hot Pot is the only authentic one in Portland metro area.

Specialties - the handmade noodle, dumpling (pot sticker), and shrimp balls. We make our dumpling from scratch, and we even roll each wrapper individually. All our dipping sauces, including the hot sauce, are homemade as well.

Vegetarian - we also tailor our menu for vegetarian so everyone can enjoy hot pot.

Misunderstanding - One misunderstanding is worth mentioning – hot pot is only for winter. This is NOT true. Hot Pot is also suitable for summer as the broth and ingredients are modified to reduce your "internal body heat" during summer.
KOIN 6 - Keep it local ( Oct 8, 2009 )
Vegetarian Friendly
Call us at (503) 774-2525 for reservation.
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